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There’s not many folks that can rapidly wrangle your data, explore it, analyze it, supplement it, plumb it, and mine it to meet your goals. There’s vastly fewer that can demonstrate to you exactly how they arrived at the answers they did. Breadcrumb can, because we know where the data is.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to put this into action

Unified Data Platform

Simplify data lifecycle from discovery and experimentation to production

Automated Documentation

Provenance based documentation that follows the data from discovery to deployment

Business Data Plumbing

Coalesce desperate and disjointed data sources into a single relational database

Discovery and Acquisition

Source 3rd party data to give your data solution context and strengthen your position

Data Process Automation

Keeping track of the data saves alot of time by building on past efforts and avoiding re-execution

Data Governance

Custody and compliance made easy through provenance

Data Productization

Your data should be making or saving you more money

Data Strategy

Craft a plan that explicitly incorporates ROI into the equation

How we do it

We’ll make sure it's reproducible


Automate data ingestion, exploration, and preparation tasks like schema detection, schema matching, data profiling and geo-spatial or other data augmentation.

Auto-Partial Recomputation

Reprocess only dependent pipeline steps to save compute resources and prevent unnecessary model retraining.


Track data source and processing idiosyncrasies, and be notified when and how they affect the results.


A provable chain of custody of all data sources, transformations, created artifacts, outputs and results.

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